In 1990 Coert left the corporate world and built up his own successful business empire. Coert doesn't like to talk about himself or his successes, but the articles you'll find written about him in the media speak for themselves. You will see how he is attacked by the money powers and their ignorant stooges and how he is praised by others. A liquidator's advocate once referred to him sarcastically as “Mister Fearless Coert Coetzee” and true to his nature, Coert turned this supposedly insult into a brand name!

“Mister Fearless” is definitely not your conventional businessman or investor, though. He is very popular amongst ordinary people (the more than 300,000 subscribers and fans to his different newsletters and Facebook Pages confirm this), but the establishment is not very fond of him. He continually questions and criticises the useless pension industry and the MBA-driven business methods of the big money powers.

Did you know?

More than 70,000 people have attended Coert's seminars since 2003. Among them have been top bankers, attorneys, auditors, managing directors, board members of top JSE-listed companies, SARS officials, FSB officials, NCR compliance officers, government officials, international rugby players, a Springbok captain, Idols winners, film stars, journalists, a TV newsreader, and many more. Most of them have subsequently become devoted followers of TheTreoc Way.

After Absa's Western Cape Homeloans Manager and his management team attended Coert's seminar, they too became devoted Coert followers till this day, and thanks to them Absa, the biggest bank in South Africa, sponsored many of Coert's seminars financially for a long time.

For many years Coert was a financial reporter for Rapport, one of South Africa's biggest newspapers.

Coert was also a financial advisor for Rapport readers, with his regular column “Vrae vir Coert” appearing in the Geldrapport.

For many years Coert was a financial reporter for Kulula Airlines, with a monthly column in the airline's in-flight magazine.

Many of Coert's articles have been published in several Media 24 and other publications in South Africa.

He has published three books to date:

2007 – Let There be Light on Wealth Creation
2009 – Rich Mind Rich Man
2011 – See the Light or See the Hole/Sien die Lig of Sien die Gat

Facebook Pages:

Rich Mind Rich Man - https://www.facebook.com/richmindbook?ref=hl

Linked website:

Treoc Group of Companies - http://bit.ly/RetireEarlier 


How do things work at Lightminded?

Lightminded is Coert's personal blog. This is where he writes about everything under the sun, but particularly about property, business and investments. If you like what you see, you can start taking the following steps towards happiness, wealth and financial independence:

Step 1

Subscribe to Lightminded/Treoc. It's free. Coert writes regular articles, and if you're subscribed it will be emailed to you. It's better to subscribe, because the articles aren't displayed on the website for very long. The new articles replace the old ones. So if you miss an article, you've missed it for good.

Step 2

Attend one of Coert's seminars. Although he has written books about his methods, his seminars are the only place where he explains everything in a logical sequence. His seminars are truly life-changing experiences. Coert is so confident of this that he offers an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on any paid product or service if you're not satisfied that you got value for money in 30 days. Click on the links on Lightminded.com for more information about the seminars.

Step 3

Join the Platinum Club, which focuses exclusively on property, business and share investments and provides services to investors and business owners. The club benefits and membership requirements are explained at the workshops, or you can visit the websites to read more about them. For enquiries, contact Heidi Kilb at 021 851 2730.

Step 4

Make use of Coert's personal service providers. They are the people who make it all possible. These handpicked service providers are some of the few people who understand and can execute Coert's methods. Without them, the spectacular results that Coert and his followers achieve would not be possible.


Coert's methods are holistic methods. They can take place only in a specific sequence, and so it would be dangerous to try to take shortcuts and skip certain steps.

Please note that this is Coert's personal website and he is not working for any of his service providers. They provide services to him as they do for many other people. It seems to us that some people are not aware of it. Therefore please go to the Service Provider link if you need any information on Coert's service providers.