(Updated 20 November 2015)


I want to share with you something that is already changing the financial world, as we know it, forever. When I discovered it for the first time, I was blown away - and I do not get blown away easily.

A few moths ago I teamed up with top international cashflow creation experts to develop a program, which enables us to create unlimited cashflow, and we are now ready to share it with you.

Follow the easy steps below, sign up and start receiving training that will certainly change your financial life forever!

In our free training videos you are going to receive practical, easy to follow presentations and demonstrations by us on how to create this kind of passive income. You will learn how to create instant cash flow straight into your easy to set up offshore account - while you stay in control of your cash flow all the way.

This method is the first of its kind in the world, and it'll be the most exciting money making method you've ever seen. It is NOT trading, investing or buying. It's not a loyalty program or a just another multilevel scheme, either. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. All that I can tell you now is that it's the closest to "printing money" than anything else. Best of all - it's not conventional money, but you can use it to buy anything conventional money can buy, and more.

If it's not money, what is it? It's something else. It is linked to gold and bitcoin, but we're not going to give away too much now. You'll just have to sign up for free and check it out for yourself. Your life will never be the same again!

The training will focus intensively on the following:

Cash flow – We'll be sharing several easy projects that'll increase your cash flow dramatically. In the last few months, we have developed a couple of gold and bitcoin production projects or strategies to create easy offshore cash flow like you've never seen before. You can be sure that these projects will blow your mind! Guaranteed!

Please note: Certain things we just have to do in certain ways and sequences to maximise the results. If not done in the right way it creates unfixable problems at a later stage. When registering, use your regular email address, correct residential address for KYC/FICA purposes and your correct full name as shown on your ID document or passport. Also, don't use any other link or system than the link below to sign up for our club and our training. If you're not using the correct personal detail and link, step 2 cannot be activated! 

Joining and getting the online training thereafter are 100% free of charge, but before you can start earning you'll have to buy a starter pack. 

We have different Start-Up Packages starting from 99 Euros for a Bronze Package. You can start with a small package like Bronze which pays only 5% commission on sales and upgrade later to the VIP Package which pays 20% commission.

The VIP Start-Up Fee, which I started with, is 1,623 Euros and for that you get the following:  

     3 Grams of Gold 

     30 Bonus Cards 

     Marketing Brochures 

     20% Commission on Gold Sales 

     Online Training and Marketing Material 

After I started this business in September 2015, I recovered my full start-up fee within two weeks and thereafter it was just pure profit. This gives you an indication of the earning potential!  

Okay Guys, now the ball is in your court. You can play it … or you can procrastinate. If you want to play follow these steps now!


Step 1 – Click on the GOLD-BITCOIN link below and join my GoldRule Club now for free. When landing on the page, go to registrations and register as an "AFFILIATE". 

      GOLD-BITCOIN LINK http://bit.ly/GoldRuleClub 

Step 2 – After you completed Step 1 the system will notify me and I will send you another link, which will give you access to our free online training material and to our popular full day CASHFLOW Training Workshops.


Just a last thing - Please don't send me a message asking me what this is about. Just follow the steps if you want to know what it is about!



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