Dear GOLDRULE members


Have a look at the KaratBank ICO Cryptolaunch that is LIVE right now...

If any of the links does not work, just copy them and past them in your browser.


The links below are those of Coert Coetzee ( Goldrule ) and all the members that have Coert as their sponsor should be using these links below to get into the ICO...Those of you that have been sponsored by someone else in the GOLDRULE team....must first wait for them to sign up and get their referral links from them.



Karatbank Coin - KBC (Coert - GoldRule)


Watch this VIDEO FIRST ——>> Overview: 

Step 1: Wallet setup:  

Step 2: Sign up here for the Karatbank affiliate program:   

Step 2.1: Go to the ---> Go to All Products link, click on APPLY to establish your referral link.

Step 3: How to buy the KaratBank ICO —>> Register with the same email address at : 

Step 4: You are now ready to purchase tokens provided you are in an open country.

Step 5: Send your Karatbank affiliate link along with these instructions to your team respecting the lines of sponsorship.

Steps 6: Once all this is done…then go back to  ---> Go to All PRODUCTS link….

Click then again on TO THE ADVERTISEMENT MATERIAL and get your TOP AFFILIATE LINK… This is your link for your team to buy the KaratBank ICO.