Who in his/her right mind would want to pay tax to a government who is [allegedly] using it to enrich only themselves and their friends?


What other option do you have, though?

Stop paying tax? No, don't even consider that. It's illegal and you'll go to jail!

Another option?

There is only one option if tax revolt is what you want ...


Let's just be clear about it; tax evasion is a crime, but tax avoidance is a skill, if done correctly. But, BEWARE! If avoidance is done incorrectly, it's also a crime. The only 100% legal way of tax avoidance, that I know of, is the TREOC WAY.

What is the TREOC WAY, you might ask? It's a foolproof Wealth Creation system, registered at the Supreme Court of Pretoria in August 1996, and a few years later with the authorities of Queensland, Australia.

Back when we had it registered, tax revolt or avoidance wasn't the purpose. The goal was Wealth Creation!

Although it proved itself to be the best way of Wealth Creation for ordinary people in both South Africa and Australia, it also became clear that it is, by default, the best legal tax avoidance method ever seen in either country. In short, it's how the rich and royals have been doing it for centuries.

The TREOC WAY is 100% free of any form of death costs, taxes and estate duties on assets opposed to ordinary people paying more than 38% on these costs and taxes.

The TREOC WAY is also the only way with which it is possible to NEVER PAY INCOME TAX according to your normal tax rate, because it allows you to pay at your children's tax rates. In most cases, OUR TREOC WAY CLIENTS PAY ZERO TAX!

Do you understand why I say it is ideal for Tax Revolt, if that is what you want?

During the last two decades, our system was carefully recorded and regularly updated in a very popular online course.

As our clients say; going on the TREOC WAY is a no-brainer! Don't think, just do it!

Start doing it today ... or you'll regret it for the rest of your life ... your choice!

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