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I always promise to keep you up to date with new opportunities… Well, here they are! 


As you all perhaps know, for me property in your own specialised trust is always the last destination on your route to everlasting financial freedom. However, with lots of cashflow it is a lot easier to buy a lot of properties.


I discovered an easy way to Create Offshore Cash Flow with GOLD and BITCOIN in Germany, Switzerland and the United States of America!


Sign-up is 100% free of charge and it will give you free access to excellent online training. All you need to get started is a computer and internet connection!

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Those of you who are on social media will know all about the so-called “get rich quick” and “work from home” schemes that promise lots of cash flow. But, you will also know that most of them, if not all of them, are the biggest rubbish.

However, I discovered a real gold nugget amongst all the “schemes”, which I must share with you as promised. 

In the last few months I have done a lot of research on a new way to generate cash flow without having to push pills, holidays or bath salts to a highly irritated family and friend network. Not only did I research it, but I also tested it myself. 

I'm talking about a new way to invest and make money with gold bullion and bitcoin, and it consists out of three parts.


Stage 1 - Investing in Gold

It's a way in which you can invest for the sake of having an alternative investment in an age-old commodity to safeguard yourself from the collapsing and fluctuating currencies of the world. You buy gold bullion online, in small easily affordable quantities from a company in Germany. You then have two options: they can either keep your gold in their vaults, or you can have it delivered by FedEx to your home. 

I tested both options.

I had some of my gold delivered hassle free at my house in Cape Town on two occasions. Not only was I satisfied, but I was impressed! Both the delivery and packaging was done with typical German precision. I left the rest of my gold in their vault in Germany where I think it is as safe as any bank in the world, if not safer.


Stage 2 – Starting your own International Online Gold Marketing Business

"We are going into another world. The biggest crash in history is coming in 2016. This is very bad news for people who are not educating themselves on the new world and new economy but it is very good news for those people in Network Marketing. The old world is dying and we are the future." Robert Kiyosaki

The Germans like precision, and even when they bring a “network” marketing solution into their products, it's like nothing you've ever seen before. You become part of a mighty networking system and you are going to make a lot of money without having to do a lot of marketing yourself, unless you want to. The German system works on a deep Binary System meaning if you are in, all new people are automatically below you. It means after you activated both legs of the binary, you make money from all the people below you in the binary irrespective of whether you recruited them or not and you do not have to do any marketing again because at least one out of every 10 new members underneath you, are professional networkers and they do the networking for us! Obviously networkers make more money than non-networkers and I have no problem with it because they make enough money for all of us. I know it all sounds a bit complicated now, but don't worry, the training covers it in enough detail.

Gold is like property in the sense that it does not have a “making a nuisance of yourself” component in it when you talk about it at parties, family gatherings or even business meetings. Word-of-mouth marketing is easy with gold and our fast growing Gold Investor Club is the proof of that!

Within one month of starting to promote the Gold Club on Facebook I signed up 428 affiliates. It proves that gold is an easy commodity to use if you want to start a business from scratch on social media.

For my referral commission they issued me with a MasterCard Debit Card. With this card, I can go to any ATM, anywhere in the world, to draw cash. I can also use it for my purchases at any retailer anywhere in the world who accepts MasterCard, which is almost all of them. We draw cash and we swipe it anywhere – and the beauty is that it's in Euros in Germany. You can also buy houses or pay deposits on houses with your Gold Card, and since it is an international currency we're working with here, we can use it to buy houses anywhere in the world. This is what I do!


Stage 3 – Getting your Gold for Free with Bitcoins

With the training we take you through a program to get to the ultimate level where you get "free" gold every month!

This is where Bitcoin, the world's exciting new crypto currency comes in. I'm not going to say too much about it here because it is a main part of the free online training you are going to get from us. All I want to say now about it is that we are not Bitcoin Traders, we are Bitcoin Miners. We create them out of nothing. It is the closest you'll ever get to “printing” money in your life.

With the Bitcoin I mine, I buy gold and that means my gold is 100% free or I can spend my bitcoins on other stuff because again I got issued with a Debit Card, but this time a VISA Card registered in Switzerland and with this bitcoin card, just like with the gold card, I can go to any ATM, anywhere in the world, to draw cash. I can also use it for my purchases at any retailer anywhere in the world who accepts Visa. We draw cash and we swipe it anywhere – and the beauty in this case is that it's in USD backed by bitcoin in the United States of America. Normal currency regulations and fluctuations have no effect on it. The fact is: we are now paying for our goods and our living expenses in bitcoin!


Stage 4 - Securing your Financial Freedom with a Long-Term Property Portfolio

At this stage we will introduce you to our unique way of investing in a certain type of residential property in a specialised trust. We will show you our Treoc Way of using very little of your own money, if any, to buy rental properties on an unlimited basis.

With the type of property and trusts we use, you create a spectacular and everlasting legacy for your family.

Where does Gold and Bitcoin fit in with Property you may ask? With the Gold and Bitcoin we create an evergrowing cashflow which is needed to qualify you for unlimited mortgages. Mortgages which will be paid off 100% by tenants!

You will also discover how we separate assets from liabailities in a way that hostile creditors can never touch our cashflow or capital.

This way is known as the famous Treoc Way!



Guys, this money making machine is not just another fantastic scheme, it's a fantastic system and all you have to do is get in now! 



Please note: Certain things has to be done in certain ways and sequences to maximise the results. If not done in the right way, it creates unfixable problems at a later stage. When registering, use your regular email address, correct residential address for KYC/FICA purposes and your correct full name as shown on your ID document or passport. Also, don't use any other link or system than the link below to sign up for our club and our training. If you're not using the correct personal detail and link, step 2 cannot be completed!

Okay Guys, now the ball is in your court. You can play it … or you can procrastinate. If you want to play, follow these steps now!


Step 1 – Click on the GOLD/BITCOIN link below and join our Gold Club now for free. When landing on the page, go to "Registrations" and register as an "AFFILIATE".


      GOLD/BITCOIN LINK -  http://bit.ly/GoldRuleClub


Step 2 - After you completed Step 1 the system will notify us and one of my associates will contact you to inform you about our support, training, workshops and webinars.


SUPPORT - If for some reason the system fails or you're getting stuck or not getting contact from your sponsor within 48 hours after signing up, send us a mail to coert@lightminded.com and ask for assistance. 


Just one last thing - Please don't send me a message asking me what this is about. Just follow the steps if you want to know what it is about!




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