Presentations on the Unbelievable Power of GOLD and GOLD-backed payment systems

Kallie Snyman, wealth coach of the GOLDRULE Network, is presenting free short presentations and full-day seminars, where he will teach both experienced and novice investors how to successfully invest in gold and become part of a crypto-ecosystem (backed by physical gold).

The information shared at the seminar is absolutely essential for both the ordinary person and the investor who wish to create everlasting financial freedom for themselves and their children.

For more detail go to GOLDCashflow


Schedule for Upcoming events:

18 May 2019   Middelburg  (Goldrule Event)

22 May 2019   Cape Town   (Wealth Masters Event)

25 May 2019 - Gaborone (Botswana)   (Goldrule Event)

01 June 2019 - Kimberley   (Goldrule Event)

19 June 2019   Johannesburg  (Wealth Masters Event)





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